If you are betting on basketball for the first time, you will want to educate yourself about the best bets to make before you begin.


Follow these tips, and you should be able to give yourself a head start on basketball betting other newbies to the sport may not enjoy. Particularly as these five best ways of betting incorporate enough strategy you will have a blast doing them on https://sbobet.blog/ or similar sites.


Always look at the starting line up — Unless you get such amazing odds you need to place your bets early, wait until the starting line up has been announced before you gamble.


Injuries can come in at the last minute, or problems with a player, and you will not know until the starting line up is announced. Make sure the important starters are listed, and that nobody has an injury that is going to keep them out of the game. Then you can safely place your bet.


Back a losing favorite — If you are watching a basketball game, and have not yet placed your bet, keep a close eye on the favorite. That is because, at half-time, if the favorite is losing, there is a very good chance they will not be by the end of the game.


Favorites are in that spot for a reason — they rarely lose. They most definitely do not lose when they are down at half-time, as that is when a strong team tends to begin their comeback.


Place your bet on a losing favorite to win, and your chances of also winning just drastically improved , but be smart about it.


Bet on over points total — If the game looks like it is going to go into overtime due to a tied match, bet on an over points total and you could win.


This is because, once in overtime, there is then an additional five minutes of gameplay that will give teams time to drastically increase the points.


There is a home court advantage — Unless a team really does prefer to play away, and you can see that from their past results, there is a home court advantage every team will have.


Look into this closely when checking the history of a specific team, and see how often they won when playing at home.


Do not make a home court advantage a big part of your decision as to why you are betting on a certain team, as the advantage is not that large, but do take it into consideration.


Is there court fatigue? — As basketball teams play so many games in a season, court fatigue can set in towards the end of a season.


If a team looks like they are suffering from it, and particularly if they have played a few games back-to-back, walk away from them and bet on somebody else instead.

Enjoy the game!