Tips for Growing Your Bankroll for Online Poker

If you want to build an online poker bankroll like the best players, simply start incorporating these tips into your game and see what happens.


Bluffing With More Authority

If you are tired of the rest of the online poker table picking away at your stack, it might be time to start focusing on your bluffing. Bluffing is the part of the game many players struggle with and is the key to getting others to not only leave you alone, but to grab more chips from the weaker players before others get them. If you are apprehensive, start bluffing for the blinds and when you get comfortable, go after bigger pots once in a while.


Avoiding the Smallest Distractions

The silent killer when it comes to online poker are all those little distractions you have allowed to creep into your game. There is zero chance you will ever build a sizable bankroll if you are talking with friends on the phone while betting your hand, watching television when you should be looking for player tells, or posting to social media when you need to be bluffing for a pot. Get rid of all these distractions in your game and you will be in a better position to win bigger pots.


Mix of Tight and Aggressive Play

The one thing you can start doing right now to turn around your fortunes at the online poker or agen poker online rooms is mix up how you are betting each hand. To do this, you’ll need to go from tight and aggressive styles within the same betting session. Here is how this works, one round you are going to push the action and raise as often as possible. The next round, you play super tight and fold to any raises, check your hands, and let go of the blinds.


The Power of Putting Players on Tilt

The easiest way to build your chip stack while playing online poker is putting others on tilt. Getting another player to act on emotion rather than skill, gets you in the position to get them to call your bet when you have the nuts and they think they are going to finally take a stand to your pot bullying. Each time you bluff that player, flash them your hole cards, over and over. When they finally have had enough, they will start calling, and that is when you lure them in with the nuts.


Mix Up Your Betting Patterns

If you are wondering why your online poker chip stack keeps disappearing, sit back and look closely at how you are betting each session. If you fold to blind raises, check when an ace hits the board, or raise when the river draw gets there, you are betting in patterns the rest of the table already recognize. If the table knows you fold to any raise before the flop, they can literally eat away at your chip stack without you even seeing what is going on around you.


These online poker playing tips will help you build a bankroll.