Every person who is placing a few bets during the weekend plans to turn things around in their life. That is definitely possible. Successful soccer players have converted their hobby into full-time professional Careers, making millions of dollars each day. The most successful professional soccer bettors include:


1.Matthew ‘Moneyball’ Benham

When highlighting the most successful people in soccer betting, you won’t wrap up the list without mentioning Mathew Benham. He owns Brentford Football Club and Danish FC Midtjylland; the two clubs established a unique character for Mathew Benham in the football world.


The experience that Benham gained made him believe in algorithmic philosophy and football statistics.

For example, he bases his betting judgments on the quality and number of chances a striker creates for the team to perform collectively well.


Of course, other strategies are secretive, but the triumph he has received in the industry is primarily on statistical data. The overall earning of Matthew Benham from Sports betting is unknown, but he has just made a significant impact in everyone’s life.


2.Adrian Hayward

Throughout his life, the soccer fan and the soccer better, Adrian Hayward, had a strong feeling about football betting, but he kept on ignoring it. Adrian Hayward’s success in sports betting is something freaky.


He followed his intuition after Xabi Alonso, the Liverpool superstar, scored a remarkable goal from his half. Hayward’s dream in sports betting came through after winning a lump sum bet from a match competition on FA Cup where Luton Town won.


3.Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom established a fußball em wetten consultancy called Starlizard; the organization is the sole advisor to Tony Bloom in his Career. Starlizard makes approximately £1000 million per year. Tony Bloom had gambling in his blood since when he was eight years old.


He would use the little pocket money he had on fruit machines. That continued until he was a teenager, and after studying Mathematics at Manchester University, he turned to be a strategic gambler.


The biggest sports gamble for Tony Bloom was way back in 1998 when BetVictor employed him. He risked it all to World Cup Final match between France and Brazil. Prediction went on well, and France lifted the World Cup trophy after beating Brazil 3-0. That was the pivotal point in Tony Bloom’s life.



Many people get too skeptical when it comes to gambling. However, as seen in the article, there is always the good side of it. One only needs to follow their passion and believe in what they do as the award is always not too far away from the risk taken.