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Quick tips for a beginner starting out playing poker online

When it comes to playing your first few games of poker online, you can be excused for feeling a little nervous. After all, you could be playing against people that are far more skilled at poker than you are, as well as on an online casino that eats beginners for breakfast.

Follow these quick tips for a beginner just starting out playing poker online, however, and your first few experiences will not be as bad as you expect.

Fold at least 75% of your hands — The majority of the hands you will be dealt will be hands you cannot win by playing. That is why when you first begin playing poker online, it is vital that you fold on at least 75% of the hands you are dealt.

This will allow you to not waste money making bets you cannot win, and will also allow you to keep your money for bets on hands you do stand a chance with.

Play against bad players — Many beginner poker players are quite easy to find. They lose all the time, they keep betting on every hand, and they stay in the same online poker rooms.

Find these players and play against them as often as you can. After all, that way you do not have to be the best poker player around, you just have to be better than these people. Then winning big hands comes easy.

Play within the bankroll you have — Calculate your bankroll before you start playing, and always play within it.

A typical bankroll should take into consideration the amount you can afford to bet on every buy in, and then have enough money in your bankroll for at least 20 of them.

This will allow you to have a great evening gambling on poker online, while not going over a limit of spending you cannot afford.

Do not play at high stakes if you cannot afford to — Too many beginners get too excited about playing poker online and, before they know it, they are in the high stakes games and betting all the money they own.

The best way to start is at the lowest stakes an online casino allows. In most cases, this will be a $1 or $2 blind, which will ensure you do not spend all your money in just one sitting.

Never play more than a couple of tables at one time — Once you get more comfortable playing poker or even other games like DominoQQ online, you will be tempted to play at more than one table at once.

While you can play at an unlimited number of tables, it is usually best not to. Your concentration can slip quickly, and you can make a lot of mistakes. Stick to just one to two tables, and concentrate on what you are doing. Your number of wins should keep on going up that way.

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