Domino Q Q or Domino Indo is the popular poker game played in Indonesia. The game is similar to the Chinese Domino gambling game, Pai Gow. Once players understand the rules of the game it can be both challenging and addictive.

The First Rule

The game consists of twenty-eight double-six dominoes. Players need to place a bet at first. The amount of the bet can vary. Players can choose between playing low bets or high stakes. Once all players have placed their bets, the total value is accumulated. Each player is dealt three dominoes. After confirming the three dominoes, players can at their discretion come up with four options.

Matching Bets- The Second Rule

When a player has a matched bet, the player can raise the bet or fold the hand. In a situation where no player can match the highest bet on the table, the player with the highest bet wins the hand. The winning player does not have to disclose the hand. In the event, more than one player or all players have matching amounts in bets, the dealer will deal a fourth card. Each round will have a betting limit. In this round, the limit on the highest bet is more significant.

The Last Round Rule

When each player has matched bets, the final round will come to an end because no more bets can be placed. The final round can also come to an end when a few players have matched equal bets and are ready to disclose their hands. When the hands are displayed and the best side is considered the winner. The second digit determines the winning hand. If a player has a total of twenty-five, then the value considered is five. The player who gets the highest pair that is usually a 9 is the winner.

Hands that give High Scores

Some hands give a higher score than the 9s when playing Domino QQ.

Low Hand: 9 or below pips on 4 dominoes

Double Hand: four dominoes with doubles

High Hand: A total of 38 or higher pips on 4 dominoes

Special hand 1- 4 dominoes with consecutive pips

Special hand 2 – 3 doubles and one 4th that is alone.


When a player plays Domino QQ online (visit situs domino qiu qiu), if four dominoes add up to thirty-eight or higher, players can win against two nines. If four dominoes are nine or less or if four dominoes have doubled it is considered a straight win over nine. If more than one player has straights, then the winner is one who has straights of a higher value. Rules for playing online may vary and players should read them carefully before playing.

Once players understand the rules for playing Domino QQ, practice will take a little time. Eventually, players will enjoy the challenge posed by the game.