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Where To Find Europe’s Top 3 Casino Establishments

If you are a fan of Casinos, you know by now that both Macau and the US top the list of countries with the biggest gambling destinations.  When it comes to casino destinations, size matters among players and patrons so naturally, casino owners will want to go big time.   In …

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You BET! Expert Tips for Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting (for example on ibet789) has become extremely popular as a hobby and a way to make extra cash. Like any variety of gambling, it’s risky to bet on sporting events, but unlike other forms of gambling, placing bets on sports isn’t–or at least, it shouldn’t be–random. By maintaining a detailed knowledge of the games you wager on and utilizing smart gambling strategies, you can reap greater returns on your bets. To help beginners and veterans alike earn more money from their online sports bets, here are a few expert tips.

Start Small:
If you’re new to sports betting or you’re wagering on a sport you haven’t previously bet on, try to keep yourself from going too deep too soon. So long as you have some knowledge of the sport you’re betting on, you can probably win a few bets, but making a long-term profit is difficult and requires practice. Until you have some experience betting on a particular sport, try to keep your wagers small to minimize risk.

Budget Wisely:
When participating in any form of organized gambling, having a budget is a good way to ensure you don’t overspend. Craft your budget from your disposable income–never bet more than you can afford to lose–and to use a ‘staking plan’ to ensure you never bet too much. A staking plan lays out how much you allow yourself to stake on each wager, with amounts calculated as a percent of your total budget. In general, most wagers should consist of 1 or 2 percent of your total budget, and it’s ill-advised to ever wager more than 5 percent.

Do Your Research:
Traditional gambling involves a lot of luck, but sports betting is far less chance-based. The best way to succeed when betting on sports is to making informed wagers by keeping yourself informed on the teams, players and trends in a particular sport. Try to focus your wagers on one sport, or a couple of sports, that you have some previous knowledge of, and keep up with news and analysis to give yourself a better chance of making correct predictions.

Choose Carefully:
Thanks to thousands of online sports betting sites that exist today, gamblers can bet on nearly any organized sport. The wide variety of options is appealing to many, but it’s important to be selective. Focus on sports you already have some knowledge of, and try to find the best opportunities. Many sports–for example, American Football–allow you to wager on different aspects like the total line or the point spread. Try to identify bets that don’t seem as difficult to call, and remember that a few well-placed wagers will nearly always be more profitable than dozens of random wagers.

Pace Yourself:
Finally and most importantly, you’ll want to avoid over-betting or placing emotionally charged wagers. Gambling of any kind can be highly addicting, especially when you’re on a winning or losing streak, but instead of placing dozens of wagers in excitement or “rage betting” after losing money, take a break and check back in once you’re feeling more level-headed. If you find yourself getting too addicted to the gambling process, you can pace yourself by placing a limit on the number of wagers you allow yourself to make in one day.

Also check out this awesome video on how to place the “perfect” bet:

How to choose the right site when playing online poker

If you love to play poker, but have not as yet played online poker, choosing the right site can be a little complicated. With so many sites to choose from, many of them international websites, how are you supposed to know which are likely to offer you the most fun and the highest jackpots?


Here are some pointers to help you choose the right site when playing online poker. Follow these, and you should be happy with the site you eventually register with.


Make sure there is a ‘free’ option — Even if you do want to gamble on poker with real money eventually, it is still good to take advantage of the ‘free’ option when first registering with a site. Some online poker sites have it, and some do not.


If they do, however, this gives you chance to assess the site and to see if it is a place offering what you are looking for, without having to initially spend any money.


How to they deal with deposits and withdrawals? — While most sites are on the up and up, some are not, and you can often tell this by how they deal with deposits and withdrawals.


Make sure they have systems that are legal in your country, and that you can deposit or withdraw money via e-wallet, credit card, check or a wire transfer. If you cannot, move on to a site offering the financial system you need.


Do they have every type of poker game? — If you are like many poker players, you probably like to play variations of the game.


That is why you should sign with a site that has Texas Poker, Stud, Draw Poker and any of the other variations of the game you enjoy. If they do not, chances are you will soon become bored and be off looking for another site to play on.


High quality software — This is one reason why taking advantage of the ‘free’ option is so smart, as the quality of the poker software they use is key to the enjoyment of the game.


Does the software work every time you access the site, or does it lag, not connect or stop working half way through a game?


Only choose a site like 389poker with high quality software, as your enjoyment of the game will be negatively impacted with unreliable software.


A reputable site — Lastly, you do need to be sure the online poker site you register with has a good reputation.

You can find this out by seeing what each site’s Better Business Bureau record says about them, and also read reviews written by gamblers who have played online poker on a particular site.


Remember too, there are online chat rooms populated by poker players who are often very helpful when it comes to pointing out which sites are reputable and which they know have problems. Sign up with a few of these chat rooms, and ask for recommendations for the best sites.

Guide to soccer sports betting

Sports betting has become a popular way of enjoying different types of sports as well as make money. Given that soccer is one of the most loved sports in the world, it has presented a good opportunity for fans to bet on their favorite teams and at the same time earn some extra income through betting on sites like jadwal pertandingan bola malam ini. The internet has also made things easier since people can bet at the comfort of their homes and receive money instantly at the end of the game. There are hundreds of betting companies worldwide which have made betting online very easy.


How to win soccer bets


As simple as it might appear, betting soccer betting can sometimes appear tricky especially if you are new to online betting. There are several things that you need to consider before you decide which team to place your money on. One of the most important things to do to increase your winning chances is research. Some people often lose not because they are unlucky, but because they lack proper strategy. Before you place your bet ensure that you have thorough knowledge about that particular team. Read news and reports and properly analyze statistics about the teams you are betting on.


The other thing to consider is how to choose bets. There are usually two types of bets in soccer. The first one is called a straight bet. In a straight bet, a person is allowed to deposit a certain amount of money on a particular team with the hope that the team will win at the end of the game. If the team loses that means you won’t have the money and vice versa. It is therefore important to choose your team wisely. Do not just choose a team because it’s your favorite or as a result of other people’s opinions.


On the other hand, there we also have parlay bets. This is where a person is allowed to place bets on multiple teams. However, for you to win such a bet all the teams you select have to win for you also to win the bet. If any of the team loses that means you will not be able to get the money. If you are a high-risk taker then this is the best type of bet for you. Nonetheless, you should analyze both teams properly to increase your chances of winning. Besides, there is also what is known as a jackpot bet. This is where an individual is required to selects several numbers of teams that can add up to 20 or 30. If the entire selected teams win then that means you will walk away with a lot of cash.


In general, soccer betting is increasingly becoming popular across the world. Several betting companies are taking advantage of the love for the sport to help people win and also make profits for their companies. As soccer fun, you can also take advantage of the betting buzz and get some extra cash. However, you should understand that betting is not a guaranteed form of investment.

Increase Your Odds Of Winning Football and Soccer Games With These Seven Tips


I can go over the technical aspects of the game, but that is boring. Today I want to discuss some simple strategies for increasing your odds of winning a football or soccer bet online.

1) Money management is the most important and the most neglected aspect of judi online betting online. According to many consultants, you should not bet more than you can afford to lose.

How much is too much or too little?

Punters who have at least a basic understanding of the way things work will not bet more than 3-5% of the bankroll. They will increase as they win and decrease their bets as they lose. Those with a bankroll of $1000 a season should not bet more than $50 a game.

2) You need to shop for the better numbers. Every book changes their numbers according to the patterns of their clients. It is not that uncommon to find a 2-3 point spread difference with each book. The goal is to shop around to find the better number for better odds.

3) Underdogs are undervalued in the sports world, especially when everyone bets on the team that is “supposed to win.” Placing a bet on the underdog at home is one of the better bets you can make.

4) Locks do not exist. You realize after watching sports for a while that the odds of winning and losing against a spread are very small. Everything can change in a matter of seconds. Save the locks on the doors you need to open and forget about them in sports.

5) You need to bet at the right time. Smart bettors will pick the underdogs early and stay with them. The square players will choose their favorites later in the week. You want to be the former, not the latter. There are a time and place for choosing your favorites and underdogs.

6) Are you going on a losing streak? You should stop and walk away. Players will get anxious and begin to chase their bets. Amateurs will start to increase their bets once they hit a losing streak. You should start reducing your bets to get out of the slump, or walk away. Those who stay in the game will end up with a poor house.

7) Remember the phrase “do not drink and drive?” The same logic applies here. Drinking and betting do not mix. Alcohol will cloud the mind, getting you to make choices you might not do ordinarily. I speak from personal experience here. It is okay to have maybe 1-2 drinks, but not more than that.


Before you register with an online casino in Malaysia, read this

For anyone deciding to gamble at an online casino in Malaysia, there are a few things you should be aware of before you do. Read this if you have not signed up with an online casino in Malaysia before, and you will be better prepared to do so.

Quality of games offered — This is the main thing you should be aware of before signing up with any online casino. After all, you do want to be sure they have the games you love to play, and always have available rooms to play them in.

A quick primer on Roulette:

Easy registration — How long does it take to register on a specific online casino in Malaysia?

Avoid the ones that require a huge amount of information, as nobody should require more than your name, address and banking information.

Easy deposits and withdrawals — Do be sure the online casino in Malaysia you are interested in has an easy way for you to both deposit money and withdraw it.

That usually means that they have a banking method you also already have, or can easily sign up for. If not, avoid the casino, as you do not want to win and then realize there is no way for you to receive your winnings short of flying to Malaysia to get them.

Be sure your country is on their list — While most sites like online casino Malaysia have a huge list of countries they allow to access their site, do be sure the country you live in is on the site before you start gambling.

If not, and your country is on a list that is banned, you could find yourself suddenly being locked out of the site and losing all of the money that you have deposited there as well.

The quality of their customer service — Just about every online casino in Malaysia should have customer service that is available 24 hours a day every day.

It should also have good customer service, however, as sub-standard service will not help at all if you have a problem.

The best way to check this is to contact them with questions before you even sign up. Of course, this may take a few minutes of your time but remember you are going to be trusting this site with your money.

What is their maximum withdrawal limit? — Many of the online casinos in Malaysia have a maximum withdrawal limit in both financial amounts and number of withdrawals allowed.

Make sure that the maximum withdrawal level of a specific Malaysian site fits in with what you anticipate needing. Otherwise, you may find yourself not being able to access cash you badly need at the exact time you need it.

Do they offer a welcome bonus? — Some of the best sites offer a welcome bonus. Sign up with one that does if at all possible, as this gives you free money to gamble with as soon as you sign up with the casino.

Where To Find Europe’s Top 3 Casino Establishments

If you are a fan of Casinos, you know by now that both Macau and the US top the list of countries with the biggest gambling destinations.  When it comes to casino destinations, size matters among players and patrons so naturally, casino owners will want to go big time.   In this field of business, the bigger you are, the more clients you’ll get.

The bigger casinos, however, aren’t confined to these two countries.  In Europe alone, there are a good number of casinos that are making waves too in the global scene and mind you, they can be huge too.

Here are three casinos that made it to the list of big three in Europe today:

Resorts World

With over 200 slots and table games, 18 restaurants housed in over 59,000 square feet of property, the Resorts World Birmingham is nothing short of grand.  While quite young, (commenced operations in 2015), the owners – Genting, aren’t new in the business.  According to reports, the owners spent around 150 M pounds to put up.  Located in the NEC district it is tagged as the biggest casino in the whole of UK.

Casino de Monte Carlo                                                                                                                       

Built in France, this casino is near twice the size of Resorts World, UK.  Not only is it on the top two, it is also one of the most popular in the region.  It doesn’t come as a surprise then that James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, drew inspiration from it to make two successful gambling-themed films.  Many scenes of these films were also shot in Casino de Monte Carlo.

Unlike Resorts World, UK, it is one of the longest running casino establishments across the globe, has been operational since the 1800s. It also houses the famous Monte Carlo Grand Theatre.  It has more than 300 slots and table games.  Players will have a range of games to choose – from stud poker to baccarat and craps, among others.  There are also multiple dining areas including bars.  The casino has an area of roughly a hundred thousand square feet.

Casino di Campione

Talk of size and this casino is the tops in Europe.  With an area close to 600,000 square feet, the casino in Italy isn’t only huge; it is also unique in the sense that it is located along a large lake.  Built in the early 1900s, it was put up with the intention of drawing diplomats from other countries just so to gather critical war-time information.   In the latter part of 2000, it was moved to where it is currently located.  Famous Architect Mario Botta is credited for the grandiose design of Casino di Campione.  It is simply resplendent especially at night and offers a great view from along the Lugano waterfront.

Touted as the largest in Europe, the casino has more than 500 slots and more than 59 table games, including video poker.  It is run by Italy’s government and is the biggest provider of jobs in Campione.