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Is bluffing in online poker more important than in poker live?

When you begin playing online poker, you will want to be sure you are playing it to the best of your abilities. After all, online poker is a faster game than poker live.

Of course, just like in poker live, bluffing in online poker or 389poker is a big factor of the game. In online poker, however, it can be more difficult. Primarily because you cannot see your opponents’ faces and they cannot see yours.


Is bluffing in online poker more important than in poker live? — Bluffing when playing online poker is not any more important than bluffing in the offline version of the game. It is equally important. Especially as there are things you will have to think about that are never important factors when playing poker live.


The size of the game — The number of people in the poker game you are playing is key to whether you decide to bluff.


If you are in a game with a large number of people at the table, bluffing is not usually a good idea. This is due to the more people there are the more chances to have your bluff called.


Wait until at least two thirds of the table has folded before you attempt to bluff in a game.


Building your image — Right from the first hand you play, you should be creating the way people see you. This is even more important in online poker as, due to your opponents not being able to physically see you, they judge you on how you play.


You could cultivate an image as a player who is loose and not very careful. That, however, will not be beneficial when it comes to bluffing.


That is why it is recommended you build your image to be someone who plays a tight game, is cautious but also plays well. After all, that type of person is not likely to bluff as much as someone with a loose style of playing. At least that is what your opponents will think.


Once you have played a few hands with the same people and your image is set as someone who does not bluff, but instead throws away poor cards, you can then bluff. You will have a higher chance of having that bluff believed by then.


Only bluff in a late position — If you are an early position player in the game, avoid bluffing until the game is down to just two or three players.


Someone in an early position should not bluff as they have no idea how players in later positions will play, and that can impact how successful they are.


Wait until you are in a late position in a future game, as that is when bluffing can be easier once you know the general position of everyone at the table and their general playing style.

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