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Increase Your Odds Of Winning Football and Soccer Games With These Seven Tips


I can go over the technical aspects of the game, but that is boring. Today I want to discuss some simple strategies for increasing your odds of winning a football or soccer bet online.

1) Money management is the most important and the most neglected aspect of judi online betting online. According to many consultants, you should not bet more than you can afford to lose.

How much is too much or too little?

Punters who have at least a basic understanding of the way things work will not bet more than 3-5% of the bankroll. They will increase as they win and decrease their bets as they lose. Those with a bankroll of $1000 a season should not bet more than $50 a game.

2) You need to shop for the better numbers. Every book changes their numbers according to the patterns of their clients. It is not that uncommon to find a 2-3 point spread difference with each book. The goal is to shop around to find the better number for better odds.

3) Underdogs are undervalued in the sports world, especially when everyone bets on the team that is “supposed to win.” Placing a bet on the underdog at home is one of the better bets you can make.

4) Locks do not exist. You realize after watching sports for a while that the odds of winning and losing against a spread are very small. Everything can change in a matter of seconds. Save the locks on the doors you need to open and forget about them in sports.

5) You need to bet at the right time. Smart bettors will pick the underdogs early and stay with them. The square players will choose their favorites later in the week. You want to be the former, not the latter. There are a time and place for choosing your favorites and underdogs.

6) Are you going on a losing streak? You should stop and walk away. Players will get anxious and begin to chase their bets. Amateurs will start to increase their bets once they hit a losing streak. You should start reducing your bets to get out of the slump, or walk away. Those who stay in the game will end up with a poor house.

7) Remember the phrase “do not drink and drive?” The same logic applies here. Drinking and betting do not mix. Alcohol will cloud the mind, getting you to make choices you might not do ordinarily. I speak from personal experience here. It is okay to have maybe 1-2 drinks, but not more than that.


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