If you are a fan of Casinos, you know by now that both Macau and the US top the list of countries with the biggest gambling destinations.  When it comes to casino destinations, size matters among players and patrons so naturally, casino owners will want to go big time.   In this field of business, the bigger you are, the more clients you’ll get.

The bigger casinos, however, aren’t confined to these two countries.  In Europe alone, there are a good number of casinos that are making waves too in the global scene and mind you, they can be huge too.

Here are three casinos that made it to the list of big three in Europe today:

Resorts World

With over 200 slots and table games, 18 restaurants housed in over 59,000 square feet of property, the Resorts World Birmingham is nothing short of grand.  While quite young, (commenced operations in 2015), the owners – Genting, aren’t new in the business.  According to reports, the owners spent around 150 M pounds to put up.  Located in the NEC district it is tagged as the biggest casino in the whole of UK.

Casino de Monte Carlo                                                                                                                       

Built in France, this casino is near twice the size of Resorts World, UK.  Not only is it on the top two, it is also one of the most popular in the region.  It doesn’t come as a surprise then that James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, drew inspiration from it to make two successful gambling-themed films.  Many scenes of these films were also shot in Casino de Monte Carlo.

Unlike Resorts World, UK, it is one of the longest running casino establishments across the globe, has been operational since the 1800s. It also houses the famous Monte Carlo Grand Theatre.  It has more than 300 slots and table games.  Players will have a range of games to choose – from stud poker to baccarat and craps, among others.  There are also multiple dining areas including bars.  The casino has an area of roughly a hundred thousand square feet.

Casino di Campione

Talk of size and this casino is the tops in Europe.  With an area close to 600,000 square feet, the casino in Italy isn’t only huge; it is also unique in the sense that it is located along a large lake.  Built in the early 1900s, it was put up with the intention of drawing diplomats from other countries just so to gather critical war-time information.   In the latter part of 2000, it was moved to where it is currently located.  Famous Architect Mario Botta is credited for the grandiose design of Casino di Campione.  It is simply resplendent especially at night and offers a great view from along the Lugano waterfront.

Touted as the largest in Europe, the casino has more than 500 slots and more than 59 table games, including video poker.  It is run by Italy’s government and is the biggest provider of jobs in Campione.