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Common Online Poker Mistakes

If you are a new player to poker online, you will obviously not want to make the same mistakes many new players make when they first get started. Knowing what these mistakes are then will help you avoid making them.

Not controlling their bankroll — The most important thing when playing poker online is to control your bankroll correctly. This means knowing how much you have to spend, how much you can afford to bet in each game and how much money you can afford over the next month.

New players tend not to control their bankroll correctly, bet too much and run out of money quickly. That then means they either get into debt, or have to stop playing.

Starting at the wrong stakes level — Too many new players at situs poker online start off at stakes levels that are just too high for them. Remember, many of the higher stakes games are populated by expert poker players. That means, unless you are one, you will always be at a massive disadvantage.

Instead, start at lower stakes level rooms and work your way up over a few weeks or months’ time.

Not taking advantage of free bonuses — Many online poker sites offer cash bonuses to new players or to those that play on the site often. Not signing up for one or more of these sites means new poker players miss out on free money that they can then spend on gambling.

Playing most hands — If you know you have been dealt a poor hand, do not play it.

Too many new players end up playing most hands simply because they are excited to be playing. Instead, be picky about the hands you play and you will find yourself losing less and winning more often.

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