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How to choose the right site when playing online poker

If you love to play poker, but have not as yet played online poker, choosing the right site can be a little complicated. With so many sites to choose from, many of them international websites, how are you supposed to know which are likely to offer you the most fun and the highest jackpots?


Here are some pointers to help you choose the right site when playing online poker. Follow these, and you should be happy with the site you eventually register with.


Make sure there is a ‘free’ option — Even if you do want to gamble on poker with real money eventually, it is still good to take advantage of the ‘free’ option when first registering with a site. Some online poker sites have it, and some do not.


If they do, however, this gives you chance to assess the site and to see if it is a place offering what you are looking for, without having to initially spend any money.


How to they deal with deposits and withdrawals? — While most sites are on the up and up, some are not, and you can often tell this by how they deal with deposits and withdrawals.


Make sure they have systems that are legal in your country, and that you can deposit or withdraw money via e-wallet, credit card, check or a wire transfer. If you cannot, move on to a site offering the financial system you need.


Do they have every type of poker game? — If you are like many poker players, you probably like to play variations of the game.


That is why you should sign with a site that has Texas Poker, Stud, Draw Poker and any of the other variations of the game you enjoy. If they do not, chances are you will soon become bored and be off looking for another site to play on.


High quality software — This is one reason why taking advantage of the ‘free’ option is so smart, as the quality of the poker software they use is key to the enjoyment of the game.


Does the software work every time you access the site, or does it lag, not connect or stop working half way through a game?


Only choose a site like 389poker with high quality software, as your enjoyment of the game will be negatively impacted with unreliable software.


A reputable site — Lastly, you do need to be sure the online poker site you register with has a good reputation.

You can find this out by seeing what each site’s Better Business Bureau record says about them, and also read reviews written by gamblers who have played online poker on a particular site.


Remember too, there are online chat rooms populated by poker players who are often very helpful when it comes to pointing out which sites are reputable and which they know have problems. Sign up with a few of these chat rooms, and ask for recommendations for the best sites.

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